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An electric partnership with Norton motorcycles


Delta Cosworth has partnered with Norton Motorcycles to develop a battery system for the iconic British brand’s recently announced electric motorcycle programme.

An electric partnership with Norton motorcycles

Delta Cosworth has partnered with Norton Motorcycles to develop a battery system for the iconic British brand’s recently announced electric motorcycle programme.

Our expertise in low-volume, high-performance battery applications will be perfectly aligned to Norton’s project, which has been co-funded by the UK government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) 19.

The initiative is aimed at assisting businesses in the automotive sector in advancing its low-carbon offering, while helping to accelerate the UK towards a net-zero automotive future. Delta Cosworth’s reputation for innovation in electric vehicle development will be strengthened through involvement in the state-of-the-art project, Zero Emission Norton.

As one of six world-class partners and academic leaders supporting Norton in the project, we will play an integral role in development of the battery pack with no compromise on the motorcycle’s touring range or race performance. It’s an area in which we excel.

The 30-month project will cover all aspects of vehicle production from concept to design, into commercialisation and production. Battery development will be focused on immersion cooling with a focus on maximising efficiency and packaging. Immersion technology will also enable aggressive battery use, for example track riding, with multiple fast charging periods in between sessions, designed in line with how Norton envisages the bikes to be used.

As motorcycle usage is typically low frequency, using the battery as a home energy storage device that will balance the home’s power usage, will make the bike a multi-use product and optimise its potential. With this varied use, we will be developing a brand-new Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) with customised control strategies, the learnings from which can be applied elsewhere.

“Working with Norton Motorcycles on this innovative programme enables us to take our battery development further,” explained Delta Cosworth Managing Director, Simon Dowson. “We specialise in low volume high-performance applications, so being asked to take part in this electric motorcycle project aligns with our company ethos perfectly. We are looking forward to facing the challenges of this vehicle and can’t wait to deliver high quality, state-of-the-art solutions that will benefit all parties involved.”

Zero Emission Norton is expected to create significant job opportunities within the UK in manufacturing and R&D, as well as upskilling existing staff to be capable of electric motorcycle engineering. Norton hopes its electric motorcycle ambitions will address a skills shortage and return the UK to a global technology leader for motorcycles.

“This significant funding investment is a momentous milestone for the brand as it marks the beginning of our electrification journey and fulfilling our ten-year product plan,” commented Robert Hentschel, CEO Norton Motorcycles. “Norton is an exemplar of modern luxury and unafraid to challenge the status quo, innovating for the future of mobility while staying true to our British heritage. It also brings into focus our desire to support the UK in its mission for a net-zero automotive future.”

He added: “Working alongside our world class partners, we’re confident that project Zero Emission Norton will eliminate the current dispute between a conventional and electric motorcycle to create EV products that riders desire – motorcycles that blends Norton’s uncompromising design DNA with racing performance, touring range and lightweight handling.”