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Cosworth and Clean Air Power enter strategic partnership


Cosworth and Clean Air Power enter strategic partnership to develop multifuel delivery system for Cosworth’s catalytic generator.

Cosworth and Clean Air Power enter strategic partnership

Northampton, UK – Cosworth and Clean Air Power have announced that the two companies have entered a strategic partnership to develop a flexible fuel delivery system for Delta Cosworth’s Catalytic Generator (Cat Gen). This partnership marks Cosworth’s first step on its Clean Fuels development programme journey.

The new co-operation will represent a new milestone for the Cat Gen development programme that will allow the device to be run on a variety of gaseous and liquid fuels. In turn, this will pave the way for the Cat Gen to target becoming a zero-emissions generator, capable of sustainably powering vehicles and stationary equipment, such as portable lighting and works equipment for construction.

The partnership will take Clean Air Power’s existing knowledge of multifuel delivery systems, gained from the implementation of its technology within internal combustion engines and digital hydraulics  and apply it to Delta Cosworth’s Cat Gen. The benefits of the Cat Gen running on multiple fuels will contribute to the decarbonisation targets of multiple sectors and underpin Cosworth’s commitment to developing cleaner fuel technology.

Clean Air Power has already provided its innovative and flexible fuel systems that reduce transport vehicle emissions in numerous countries and across many applications. Its valves and injectors have a strong track record in motorsport delivering reliable fluid delivery systems in Formula 1 and in ProMod drag racing. They also powered the world’s fastest compressed natural gas car to a land speed record of 370 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flat in September 2018. With a long history of utilising natural gas and as a pioneer in hydrogen injection, Clean Air Power is now focused on the transition to zero emission having launched its DigiJetTM brand for net zero fuel injection in 2021.  This technology has been applied across multiple sectors including heavy duty, commercial vehicle, construction, mining, rail and marine.

There is great synergy to this partnership as both companies operate in similar sectors. The transfer of knowledge and learnings will be key to developing the delivery system capable of supplying the Cat Gen with multiple fuels including hydrogen gas. The Cat Gen is a microturbine device that converts liquid or gaseous fuel into electrical energy by reacting a compressed air and fuel mixture across a catalyst in a heat release reaction. Hot, high-pressure gases exiting the catalyst spin a turbine and electric machine attached to a common shaft. The device produces 35kW of electrical power which can be used to recharge vehicle batteries on the go or provide stationary power to a multitude of sectors.

Simon Dowson, Managing Director at Delta Cosworth said: “We have already proven the durability of the Cat Gen with fuels currently used in conventional combustion engines. The next step is to work on targeting Cat Gen as a zero-emissions device, running on multiple sustainable fuels such as hydrogen. We are committed to developing clean fuel technology to aid the industry in reaching a net-zero carbon emissions future. The Cat Gen is just one of the innovative development avenues we are embarking on. Working with Clean Air Power, we aim to provide the Cat Gen with a reliable multifuel system, unlocking its full potential as a sustainable power generation device.”

Dan Skelton, CEO at Clean Air Power said:  “We have a long history in supplying fluid control solutions to help solve tough problems. This partnership with Cosworth offers the opportunity to take technology born out of motorsport into the mainstream, to help address one of the key challenges facing our industry; achieving net zero. This novel application allows us to bring a fuel flexibility option to the market, opening up the potential to assist the transition from fossil fuels to net zero fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia.”

About Cosworth:

Cosworth is a global technology business with six decades of engineering experience that delivers propulsion, electronics and software solutions for customers in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Whether through hybrid or EV propulsion, data connectivity or automation technology, Cosworth is ready to solve new challenges with mobility solutions of the future. No matter the complexity of the project, Cosworth has the ability to design, develop and manufacture clean sheet solutions from its state-of-the-art facilities.

About clean air power:

Clean Air Power provide innovative fluid (gas and liquid) control solutions across multiple sectors including automotive, on highway, off highway, heavy duty, marine, construction and motorsport. Now working to deliver the transition to decarbonised transport, Clean Air Power have developed a product range for the injection of net zero fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia into engine and fuel cell applications. The company has a base in both the US and UK, and combines manufacturing, engineering and technology capabilities to create products that are sold at scale through a global distribution network.