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Cosworth introduces Pi Toolbox 13 education licences for students and tutors


Cosworth’s Pi Toolbox is the industry standard when it comes to motorsport data analytics. 2024 marks the release of the latest version: Pi Toolbox 13. Built upon decades of experience and knowledge and boasts over 400 updates along with a brand-new education license.

Cosworth introduces Pi Toolbox 13 education licences for students and tutors

The education licence has been introduced to enable students to enter the fascinating world of motorsport data analytics, providing them with hands-on experience in analysing, visualising, and interpreting data commonly encountered in motorsport with industry leading software.

By using real-world hardware and software, students gain an advantage with practical experience in systems and data analysis to develop skills that are directly applicable to careers in motorsport engineering, automotive engineering, and data analytics.

As motorsport teams increasingly rely on data to gain a competitive edge, proficiency in motorsport systems and analysis have become valuable skills in the industry. Cosworth is now equipping students and tutors with tools, knowledge and the skills needed to excel in this field.

Cosworth's Global Motorsport Education programme offers a comprehensive and engaging opportunity for educators to introduce students to the exciting world of motorsport electronics. Whether in the classroom or hands-on in the workshop, we believe our programme empowers students to explore, analyse, and derive insights from motorsport data, fostering a deeper understanding about the role data analytics plays within the competitive motorsport sphere.

Pi Toolbox 13 Student and Tutor editions include a range of powerful visualisation tools that allow students to plot and analyse various types of data, including telemetry, lap times, vehicle chassis dynamics, and driver performance metrics.

Tutors now have the ability to advance their data analysis module’s curriculum as students can utilise built-in displays to perform statistical, time-series, and comparative analysis of different data types (Cosworth, TXT, CSV, MATLAB).

In addition to the software itself, our educational programme includes comprehensive resources such as Cosworth's motorsport devices, calibration examples and sample data from Formula 1. This approach is designed to guide students through the process of development in motorsport, from hardware calibration, data acquisition, interpretation, and performance advancement.

For more information and to enrol your institution on this programme, please email your request and details to