Cosworth’s most powerful naturally aspirated hypercar engine unleashed


Launch of Bugatti Tourbillon marks company’s fourth hypercar engine partnership since 2020. 

Cosworth’s most powerful naturally aspirated hypercar engine unleashed

Cosworth, the global leader in automotive powertrain technologies, is celebrating the launch of its most powerful hypercar engine to date following the grand unveiling of the Bugatti Tourbillon on June 20.

The Bugatti’s new generation hyper sports car joins an incredibly exclusive set of Cosworth-powered high-performance masterpieces, which includes the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 and the Bizzarrini Giotto.

Experts in clean-sheet design, Cosworth was approached in 2021 by Bugatti to design and manufacture a new engine for its newest hyper sports car, the Chiron successor. However, the engineers were not expecting to be tasked with such a mammoth request: a high capacity, high revving V16 capable of producing 1000hp. It is an engine configuration that hasn’t been mass produced in the automotive industry since the 1930s, with only a handful created as prototypes for niche vehicles in recent years.

Bugatti Tourbillon’s naturally-aspirated V16 was first teased in February 2024, however details of its engine were kept carefully under wraps. Cosworth can now reveal more technical insight into the hypercar’s hybrid engine.

It took the company 13 months to transform its first detailed designs into the first V16 engine running on a dyno at Cosworth’s Northampton headquarters – a particularly impressive turnaround given the scale of the ambition in the project.  

The resulting product of this ambitious project is a 8.35-litre engine that can rev to 9000rpm. Cosworth elected for a cross-plane crank design with 90-degree bank angles and dry sump. Weighing just 252kg in total – lighter than the naturally aspirated Aston Martin 6.0-litre V12 – steps were made to optimise weight throughout the engine, including titanium connecting rods and a carbon fibre inlet plenum. The overall length of the crankshaft is 900mm, made from a single billet, with a total engine length just shy of 1m – demonstrating the scale required to power this incredible car.

Cosworth’s Managing Director of Powertrain, Bruce Wood said: “I think we all got goosebumps the first time we heard the roar of the Bugatti’s incredible V16 engine; it is a truly unique piece of machinery. Producing a V16, especially one as large as this 8.35 litre, is no easy feat. With the crank and camshafts measuring almost a metre long, we had to employ innovative design technology to overcome the torsional loads.

“The first thing that hits you when you see it is the sheer size of the engine – there is no escaping it. Yet we were able to use our experience to develop high tolerances within the design, thus reducing the mass and weight of the final product.  When we heard it fire up on the dyno and reach maximum revs, we were astounded at the sound. The performance figures speak for themselves, and coupled with the hybrid powertrain, the experience of the Bugatti Tourbillon will be truly one of a kind.”

Cosworth's CEO, Dr. Florian Kamelger, said: "Cosworth has emerged as the undisputed leader in hypercar engine design. We use 66 years of heritage and experience to develop powertrains that push the boundaries of performance, while also adhering to ever-stricter global emissions regulations. This latest partnership with Bugatti, one of the most revered names in automotive performance, is a reflection of the world-class talent we have within Cosworth. Together, we have delivered something totally unique, within a tight timeframe, that will form part of one of the greatest hypercar powertrains ever created."

About Cosworth
Cosworth is a global technology business with six decades of engineering experience that delivers propulsion, electronics and software solutions for customers in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Whether through hybrid or EV propulsion, data connectivity or automation technology, Cosworth is ready to solve new challenges with mobility solutions of the future. No matter the complexity of the project, Cosworth has the ability to, design, develop and manufacture clean sheet solutions from its state-of-the-art facilities.

About Bugatti

Bugatti has been at the pinnacle of the automotive industry for 115 years, creating the world’s most groundbreaking automobiles from its home in Molsheim, France. Every vehicle created since the company was founded by Ettore Bugatti in 1909 is praised for its comfort, drivability, design and technology desired by automotive collectors from around the world. A Bugatti is more than a car, it is a timeless piece of automotive art. 

With a reputation built in motorsport, and a history of the most innovative, beautiful and luxurious cars ever created, Bugatti continues to follow the vision of its founder: ‘If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti.’ 
Today, Bugatti is part of the Bugatti Rimac Group, led by CEO Mate Rimac, who is renowned for excellence in high-performance automotive electrification. With the same visionary genius as Ettore Bugatti, Rimac and the Bugatti team are developing the next generation of incomparable hyper sports cars, true to the founder’s vision, while simultaneously expanding Bugatti’s excellence beyond the automotive industry with luxury lifestyle collaborations and products.